"If this documentary could do anything, if I wanted it to do anything, I would want it to be informative and light a fire under people to get them involved in areas where they’re not involved."

Reverend Carey Ingram

Pastor, Lovejoy Baptist Church

South Rome

Holly Springs


The Project

Taking Place I: A Community Examination of its Place is a radio documentary project examining the history, culture, and community of northwest Georgia. Our documentarian probe how residents experience place and community by asking such questions as:


Where is this place?

Who lives here?

What are this place’s stories?

What is this place’s history?

How has this place changed?

Why do people love this place?

What different communities gather here?

What ties people to this place?

Where does this place begin and end?

What do people see in this place’s future?


In 2006-07, Taking Place is focusing on Highway 5 from Canton to Woodstock (Cherokee County), Powder Springs (Cobb County), and South Rome (Floyd County). The project is primarily funded by Kennesaw State University’s American Studies Program and the Department of History and Philosophy, the Georgia Humanities Council, and Keeping and Creating American Communities. The project partners with an association or agency in each community. Our partners in 2006-07 are the Holly Springs Historic Preservation Commission, Seven Springs Historical Society, and the Rome Area History Museum.